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Minutes of Desert Circle ARC held February 1, 2008

A meeting of the Desert Circle Amateur Radio Club was held at The Magic Circle at 10:00 AM on February 1, 2008.   Members present were Al Oxton, Tom Hensley, Sue Hensley, Damon Lewis, Cliff Haycock and Virginia Haycock.  The meeting was called to order by Virginia Haycock. 

Virginia suggested that in order to be an operating club, we should elect officers and start formulating rules of operation.  A short discussion followed with all members in agreement to those suggestions.

Motion to nominate Al Oxton as President was made by Virginia Haycock and seconded by Sue Hensley. No other nominations were made and Al was elected by unanimous vote.

Meeting was turned over to Al Oxton, President.

Motion to make two years the length of term of office was made by Tom Hensley and seconded by Virginia Haycock.  Motion was carried by unanimous vote.

Motion to nominate Virginia Haycock as Recording Secretary was made by Al Oxton and seconded by Tom Hensley.  No other nominations were made and Virginia was elected by unanimous vote.

General discussion followed about how often to meet and where.  It was felt that we would have one meeting a year in Quartzsite at either Magic Circle or Quartzfest.  Because our members tend to travel to different locations throughout the year, it is difficult to have meetings more often.
President Oxton will contact all known radio operators who have expressed interest in being members of Desert Circle ARC.  We discussed a dues structure, but decided to not ask for any dues at present.  If the need for funds arises, we will contact members at that time.

Al Oxton, President, plans to use the club call, NU7DE, on Field Day 2008 and during Nude Recreation Week in 2008.  Club members agreed that Al should use the call sign during this year. 

There was no further business to discuss and the meeting was adjourned.

QSL, Info, Operating Opportunities, Website comments:

Upcoming Events: Field Day in June; Nude Rec Week in July; look for us on or about 14,265, mid day, mid week, somewhen and wherever.

The Ultimate in "Barefoot" Operation!

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